Wrong Is Right swirls rustic roots into a smooth tapestry of modern folk music.  From the time this band met in a cold Boston winter and hunkered down in a warm little room, they’ve been spinning songs and tunes, honoring and feeding the roots traditions they have arisen from.  

This group is distinctly captivated by iterations of the traditional high lonesome sound, as well as by the gritty buzz of the bow tracing sounds and fiddle tunes of the old south.  As a trio, they utilize their skill and finesse on their instruments to communicate with each other and with their listeners.  Their melodies can expand into vibrant and energetic conversations, and can just as quickly bring listeners to the edge of their seats with moments of soulful tranquility.  On stage their voice is strong and pure, weaving together many folk traditions such as jazz, bluegrass, old-time and elements of chamber music.

Wrong Is Right strives to expand the audiences of this newly defined string-band repertoire and recolor old stories with their own verdant voice.  Their light hearted demeanor tumbles out of their music adding a uniquely vivacious aspect, setting them and their music apart.

[Wrong Is Right] imbues thoughtful compositions with the spontaneity of a bluegrass jam around the campfire, hinting at influences ranging from Radiohead to Tim O’Brien…”

“Their set list alternates between uniquely crafted sonic textures backing up a modern vocal sensibility, to straight-ahead performances of original fiddle tunes…
— Mike Block, cellist and Professor at Berklee College of Music (www.mikeblockmusic.com)
Wrong is Right” is a young, fresh, and sassy stringband that is guaranteed to make you smile. You Can’t go wrong with their righteous blend of bluegrass, old-time, newgrass, and swing!
— Dr. David Wallace, Fiddler and String Chair of Berklee College of Music

Born and raised in the great bluegrass state of Ohio and currently residing in Boston, Jake attends school at the Berklee College of Music. With a background in Bluegrass music, he now studies Jazz and other roots music since beginning his studies at Berklee.  Most of Jake’s free time is spent tuning his mandolin, and also is sometimes seen playing the mandolin.


Sumaia began studying classical music in California at the tiny age of 5. About eight years into her studies she was captivated by Irish and Scottish fiddle music. In 2012, she began studying at Berklee College of Music where she has since branched out into Old Time fiddle music, Bluegrass and Jazz. She plays all this, sometimes on a fiddle with five strangs, also on one of them ones with four strangs.



A native of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Mike started playing bass at the age of 19 while studying jazz drums in Cleveland, Ohio. He soon discovered that double bass was his true love and has been focusing on it ever since, While in Cleveland his studies included mostly jazz, then in 2013 he started his studies at Berklee College of Music, where he expanded his experience to playing bluegrass, folk, old-time, and other “roots” music. Mike graduated from Berklee in 2015 with a degree in double bass performance and currently resides in Boston, MA.